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Qubic will list 22-02-2024 on BitMart CEX
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What Is The Quantum Universal Basic Income Coin (QUBIC)

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Qubic operates as a multifaceted utility and incentive Token deployed on the Stellar blockchain infrastructure. Its primary objective is to facilitate a wide array of decentralized applications (dApps) characterized by user accessibility, presently under development by the Qubic development team. These dApps are intricately designed to tackle real-world challenges within the web3 domain.

Qubic serves a dual purpose token, enabling user empowerment and facilitating ecosystem growth through a sustainable reward mechanism, crucial for the enhancement and expansion of the ecosystem. This will be achieved through the rewards generated by dApps developed by qubic development team.

These dApps play a pivotal role in generating rewards that fuel the ecosystem and contribute to the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) reward system, ensuring its sustainability and growth. This interdependent relationship fostered by Qubic not only drives the continuous evolution of its ecosystem but also catalyzes ongoing innovation. Noteworthy is Qubic's dynamic reward structure, offering a daily APY rate of 135% paid in XLM and distributing 500 QUBICS as weekly rewards..

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Simple Steps to Get Started

It's very simple to get started with QUBIC just follow the simple steps below.

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We recommend using the Lobstr wallet or Freigher wallet extension both created by Stellar Network.

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About Us

Why Choose QUBIC

Quantum Universal Basic Income Coin (QUBIC) is a cryptocurrency on the Stellar blockchain that aims to provide a weekly basic income of 500 QUBICs and 135% APY in XLM paid daily to its community members.

Earn 135% APY

Earn 135% APY on your QUBICs paid in XLM daily.

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Mobile Apps

You can download the QUBIC Progressive Web App from our homepage keep upto date with announcements

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The most secure Stellar Wallet

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Cashout with moneygram

Swap your crytpo for USDC and cashout at moneygram locations.

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Instant Exchange

Exchange QUBIC for XLM or Usd Coin

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Weekly Income

500 QUBICs paid weekly

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A New Kind of Money

Cash Out


Using the lobstr wallet allows you to swap your QUBICs for XLM or USD Coin and cashout with USD Coin and collect your cash in USD or your local currency at thousunds of moneygram locations world wide.


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Token Distribution

The Quantum Universal Basic Income Coin (QUBIC)



Quantum Universal Basic Income Coin QUBIC is a cryptocurrency on the Stellar blockchain that aims to provide a weekly basic income of 500 QUBICs and pay 135% APY in XLM daiy to its community members.

This will be used to bring awareness to QUBIC Ecosystem.

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Qubic to list on BitMart

"Decentralized Cryptocurrency (DeFi) Qubic is set to broaden its reach as it announces its listing on BitMart, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange. This strategic move opens up new opportunities for Qubic enthusiasts and traders, providing enhanced liquidity and accessibility to the platform's upcoming innovative DeFi services. Stay tuned for exciting developments in the Qubic ecosystem as it embraces the BitMart exchange."

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